Dr. Richard Skelton


Dr Skelton is an experienced and knowledgeable Child & Educational Psychologist, completing his doctorate in Child & Educational Psychology in 2012. Before this, Richard undertook a Masters in Neuropsychology in 2007 which has contributed to his specialist knowledge and expertise. Dr Skelton has developed specific interventions relating to working memory and stays committed to research and development in this area. Dr Skelton offers a unique set of skills to support children, young people and schools whilst sharing the values of relationship and collaboration with the team.

Child & Educational activities for schools

Dr Skelton can offer a range of assessment, advice and consultation support to our schools and families including;

  • Assessment and consultation work around key pupils with a range of needs
  • High quality reports which summarise child/family needs from a Child & Educational Psychology perspective
  • Project work and training around key cognition & neuropsychology areas