jenny ingram

Jenny Ingram


Between 2010 and 2016 Jenny was based in a low and medium secure mental health hospital for 6 years as a Chartered and Registered Forensic Psychologist, where she worked with male and female patients presenting with a range of mental health needs, including mental illness, personality disorders, substance misuse problems, cognitive deficits and learning difficulties. Her work included assessment and treatment, using both structured interventions and individualised work.

Previously Jenny was employed by HM Prison Service from 2000 to 2010, during which time she worked with young offenders and adult male and female prisoners with determinate and indeterminate sentences. Whilst working for HM Prison Service she was responsible for the Treatment management/Supervision and facilitation of group work programmes, including: Enhanced Thinking Skills programme; Thinking Skills programme and Anger Management. In addition, her role included the delivery of individualised offence focused work. She has completed a number of risk assessments report (including parole reports, lifer reports) and has communicated these findings to the relevant professionals.

Jenny’s experience enables her to think flexibly and respond quickly and psychologically in complex situations. She has received training in a range of treatment approaches including Schema Focused Therapy and cognitive-behavioural group work including working with violent offenders and with individuals who experience stress and anxiety and with those who have experienced trauma.

Jenny’s role at Orange Psychology

Jenny’s role at Orange Psychology currently involves working weekly/bi-weekly in residential care homes for young people/adults. She offers psychologically informed advice and support to staff through training, consultation and supervision. She also delivers training courses to mental health professionals, models low-level psychological intervention, and works together with groups of adults and young people to support the development of therapeutically informed environments.