The Orange Psychology Team

Dr. Jo Mitchell

Managing Director

Dr Jo Mitchell is the managing director and Principle Educational Psychologist at Orange Psychology. Jo has experience in local authorities and private practice and founded Orange Psychology in 2016.

Dr. Richard Skelton

Child & Educational Psychologist

Dr Richard Skelton is an experienced Child & Educational Psychologist, completing his doctorate in Child & Educational Psychology in 2012 following a Masters in Neuropsychology in 2007. Dr Skelton is an Associate Practitioner within the Orange Psychology.

Dr. Kerry Audin

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Dr Kerry Audin is an experienced Clinical Psychologist, who offers consultancy, training, assessment and psychological intervention. Dr Audin has completed an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology with distinction and joins Orange Psychology as an Associate Practitioner.

Jenny Ingram

Forensic Psychologist 

Jenny Ingram has been working as a Chartered and Registered Forensic Psychologist for over 8 years. She currently works as an independent practitioner and has joined Orange Psychology as an Associate Psychologist.

Jane Murphy

Jane Murphy

SEND/Inclusion Practitioner

Jane Murphy is an experienced practitioner in the field of SEN support with a degree in Education (Language & Literacy/SEN) and qualifications in Reading Recovery, NASENCO award, and Graduate Teaching Programme. Jane is an Associate Practitioner for Orange Psychology.