Services for Schools

‘The smell of an orange relieves stress. Smelling an orange or eating one can reduce stress by over 70%’

The model

The Orange Psychology model is based on the splitting up of an orange into two halves; schools get to choose how many ‘segments’ (e.g. days) they want for the two terms at a time. This is based on the premise that schools need a flexible, consistent and responsive service from their Educational Psychologist. We feel that this ‘mix and match’ approach to days booked, suits school needs and allows them to get the best impact at the right time for them. When schools buy as clusters, this enhances our ability to offer weekly or bi-weekly slots to their area and allowing opportunities for joint training and development within the cluster etc. Schools can also buy a two term contract individually or request bespoke training separate to a contract. Schools can also buy ‘top up’ or one off services to suit their needs depending on capacity within the team.

Mix and match

Orange psychology has developed a model which tries to maximise the level of flexibility afforded to schools in the provision of Educational Psychology services. This is based upon the following;

  • Some schools find estimating need across the year difficult; school and pupil needs can change on a term by term basis
  • School budgets can fluctuate
  • Children with additional needs can arrive unexpectedly
  • Some schools have pressure to spend budgets before the financial end
  • Some schools like to get through a back log, and have less need in other terms

For this reason, schools get to buy two terms at a time with a dedicated review period organised up front. This affords maximum flexibility and effectiveness, see examples below;

orange psychology mix and match

Our Values

From our experience, we know what schools need to invest in Educational Psychology services.

  • when a psychologist is available, accessible, responsive and consistent
  • when a psychologist becomes known and trusted by the staff team
  • when the psychologist spots opportunities to build capacity, develop skills and confidence
  • when a psychologist is flexible to need
  • when a psychologist works with parents as well as children and staff groups

The model is therefore based on a number of values which we believe promotes effective practice.

orange psychology values

Purchasing a school contract with Orange Psychology

If you are considering purchasing with Orange Psychology it will be important to share the following information with us;

  • whether you are an individual school or cluster of schools
  • the type and range of need you currently have in school
  • what times scales you might be looking for in advance
  • what would be your best hopes for involving our service
  • a potential date to meet you/ your cluster of schools

For all discussions or enquires please contact