Our Values

‘Bettering lives by learning together…’

Orange Psychology makes a difference to the lives of children and young people by using a collaborative and relationship-focused approach. We share and develop understanding collectively through the trust we build in our relationships with our schools, teachers, parents and children themselves.  We learn through listening and we develop ideas together, because we believe that the ‘whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. Our psychologists (including clinical, educational, counselling and forensic), ensure that the whole picture of the child or young person is created, working together with others to co-construct our understanding.

We work systemically using psychological formulation to put together the many ‘segments’ which make up the whole child. It is through this holistic and collaborative approach that we are able to improve outcomes for children, young people, and for those that know them best. The whole ethos of Orange Psychology is underpinned by our ‘core values’ or ‘our segments’. These are;

O – Outcome Orientated.

Orange Psychology works towards bettering outcomes for the child, as well as for those people around the child.

R – Reflective and Relationship-focused.

Orange Psychology believes the trust we develop in our relationships defines the impact that we as psychologists can have. Relationships mean everything to us, at all levels (e.g. with schools, with teachers, with parents and with children and young people).

A – Approachable and Accessible.

The approachability of our practitioners is essential to support the development of trusting relationships. At Orange Psychology it is important to us that our clients can feel they can openly communicate with our practitioners, with ease and regular accessibility.

N – Needs-led service

Orange Psychology takes the time to truly understand the whole needs of our clients.  No two schools, child, community and/or family are the same, which is why your needs shape our service delivery.

G – Genuine

The quality of ‘truly being what something is said to be’ is at the centre of our practice.  The honesty of Orange Psychology’s service relies on the mutual respect and shared understanding we have with those around us.

E – Empathetic and Embracing

Empathy is at the heart of Orange Psychology.  We acknowledge perspectives and respect them, ensuring that feelings and needs are not ignored.

Service Delivery model

The Orange Psychology Service Delivery Model is built around Collaborative Practice, and operationalises the values (above) in the following ways;

  • As a collective team, we work in an outcomes focused way from the start of our involvement. We share our learning together to improve our own professional practice.
  • Our communication is reflective, open, creative and collaborative with teachers, children, young people, teachers and other professionals
  • Our flexibility and openness to new ideas means we can learn together to further improve the service we provide.
  • We spend time planning and listening to you so that we can put into practice creative and flexible psychology services.
  • Orange Psychology will respond and adapt to what those needs are, by listening and learning together.
  • The authentic partnerships we create really can ‘better lives by learning together’.
  • We embrace ideas with openness and compassion, meaning that our practitioners can bring together the many ‘segments’ that can make for a better ‘whole’.

The Way We Work

We have a growing number of school contracts across the North, including Greater Manchester areas, Lancashire, and Yorkshire. Our psychologists work hard to offer a bespoke and needs led service to ensure maximum effectiveness using regular planning meetings, and a high level of organisational skills. Some key points about our psychology delivery to schools include;

  • We operate 2 or 3 term contracts with our school clients, to offer maximum flexibility across the school year
  • We offer planning/organisational time outside of the contract to support effective use of time
  • We can provide Records of Involvement and/or high quality reports to support multi agency working or formal statutory processes
  • We always work with parents and schools to gather the ‘whole’ picture of the child.
For all discussions or enquiries please contact enquiries@orangepsychology.co.uk