Lockdown Assistance Sessions

Educational Psychologists can play a crucial role in supporting schools, families and young people at this uncertain time. In line with recent government advice which determines EPs as ‘critical workers’, Orange Psychology team will endeavour to ‘remain active’ during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) response to deliver an approach which assists schools and/or parents in managing challenges they face.

As part of our ongoing support to schools, parents/carers, children and young people, we are therfore offering some free/commissionable services to support the mental health and wellbeing of our community as Lockdown 3.0 begins. The Orange Psychology team of psychology practitioners hope to

Free Session

A 45 Minute zoom/phone consultation for a teacher or parent with a concern, available to any school who have an Orange Psychology Contract, or who are booking additional sessions.

Commissionable Sessions

‘Complex Casework’ Sessions (full day)

Gathering evidence for EHCP and/or complex case work via;

  • Remote consultation (e.g. phone/zoom discussions with parents/teachers/other professionals)
  • Remote assessment techniques (e.g. consultation/questionnaires and developmental profile work)
  • Report writing as required

‘Coaching Support’ Sessions (1/2 day)

Working with teachers or parents to support complex issues they face in school or at home;

  • 2 x 45 minute coaching sessions using a coaching framework
  • A summary of consultation as evidence of involvement

‘Keeping Going’ Sessions (1.5 – 3 hours)

Supporting staff wellbeing through;

  • Facilitation of peer support bubbles for groups of teachers/ headteachers/SLT leaders, focusing on strengths and resilience factors
  • Group training for teachers/support staff around managing change and keeping resilient in stressful contexts (see www.orangepsychology.co.uk/collective-recovery-workshops for more details)

For further information and for bookings, please contact enquiries@orangepsychology.co.uk