Dr. Kerry Audin


Dr Audin is an experienced Clinical Psychologist, who offers consultancy, training, assessment and psychological intervention around individual children, families, schools, and residential settings. Dr Audin has recently completed an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology with distinction, offering a unique set of skills to support young people with mental health difficulties, and staff teams working alongside vulnerable children.

Clinical Psychology activities available

  • Assessment and consultation work around key pupils with mental health needs
  • High quality reports which summarise child/family needs from a Clinical Psychology perspective
  • Project work and training on mental health awareness (including INSET)
  • Drop in consultation for parents in schools
  • Doing home visits around parents/families of vulnerable children, helping to formulate plans, and develop psychological intervention and support
  • Workshops for staff on clinical topics of mental health, to broaden knowledge
  • Workshops for staff focusing on Positive Psychology including Resilience and developing a Growth Mindset
  • Contribution to Team Around Child meetings especially where another perspective on particular children is required