Orange Psychology can offer direct consultancy and support to schools and other educational contexts to achieve the following outcomes;

  • Address whole school issues

Schools and other educational settings can request consultation support to address systemic or whole school issues or whole school development plans. With experience in leadership & management, group facilitation and research & evaluation methods, Orange Psychology can plan and deliver a stepped response to a systemic issue identified. This can be done with Senior Leaders, or whole staff teams where required.

  • To research key areas and find solutions

Orange Psychology can share evidenced based practice across many areas relevant to children with additional needs. We can undertake action research in order to demonstrate impact of interventions or projects already in place in schools, for example pupil premium interventions. We can write impact assessment reports, or evaluation research reports depending on the nature of the project.

  • To support staff well-being and resilience

Orange Psychology has a wealth of experience in using solution focused coaching methods and strengths based psychology. Our services can be utilised to support and enhance staff resilience and well being particularly where there may have been a critical incident, or a high level of emotive and complex cases to deal with. Orange Psychology can for example offer supervisory support, or reflective spaces to school staff teams dealing with complex mental health issues.

  • To support team development

With experience in managing and developing teams, Orange Psychology consultation services can be used to support team development. Using knowledge and expertise around group psychology and collaborative models of practice, Orange Psychology can set up and deliver reflective spaces for teams who identify common issues which need resolving.

NB: Orange Psychology can also offer services to Local Authority Educational Psychology Services; this may be through supporting the schools within an area, or undertaking consultation, assessment and intervention work for individual pupils