Dr. Daniel Mulligan


Dr Dan Mulligan is a qualified counselling psychologist with over 10 years’ experience working with children and young people. He has joined Orange Psychology as an Associate Psychologist, and supports our residential care home work in the Midlands.

Dr Mulligan’s Contribution to Orange Psychology

Dr Mulligan’s work at Orange Psychology currently involves working weekly/bi-weekly in residential care homes for young people/adults. He offers psychologically informed advice and support to staff through training, consultation and supervision. He also delivers mental health training, models low-level psychological intervention, and works together with groups of adults and young people to support the development of therapeutically informed environments. Dr Mulligan has skills in psychological assessment, and therapeutic intervention (including psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and family therapy), but endorses a social constructionist view of psychological issues; Dr Mulligan works through people, and their perception of difficulty in order to effect change, a key principle of the Orange Psychology model.