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About Orange Psychology

Orange Psychology provides applied educational psychology in Manchester, Lancashire and Yorkshire for schools and other educational settings. At Orange Psychology, we focus on a collaborative model of practice, working alongside school staff and families to support the needs of the most vulnerable children.

Psychology in Schools

Orange Psychology offer bespoke educational psychology service to schools, early years providers and local authorities. The scope of our work includes early intervention, consultation and assessments, working with families, training and skill development. Click here to see more information about the Orange Psychology schools model.

Psychology in Children’s Homes

Orange Psychology works within Residential Children’s Homes to promote the development of therapeutically informed environments. We use training, consultation and low-level intervention to generate new skills and confidence for staff and young people in these settings. Click here to see more information about Orange Psychology’s Residential Childrens’s Home services.


Orange Psychology offer consultancy services to individuals, local authorities and groups of schools in Manchester, Lancashire and Yorkshire. Orange Psychology have specialist skills in collaborative group practice, change facilitation and leadership best practice. Click here to read more about our consultancy services


Orange Psychology are able to offer a wide variety of training for adults working in schools including whole school teams, senior leadership teams or groups of staff. Training is bespoke and relevant to the ongoing changes in practice. Click here to read about Orange Psychology’s training services.

The Orange Psychology Team

Dr Jo Mitchell
Managing Director & Principal Psychologist

Dr Kerry Audin
Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Dr Marnie Aston
Educational Psychologist

Dr Rachael King
Educational Psychologist

Dr. Rebecca Ashton
Educational Psychologist and Child Neuropsychologist

Dr Daniel Mulligan
Counselling Psychologist

Dr Penny Fogg
Educational Psychologist

Maxine Fletcher
Educational Psychologist

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