Dr. Rebecca Ashton


Dr Ashton qualified as an educational psychologist in 2003 and worked for 11 years in a Local Authority.  She loves to work with schools on a regular basis, building relationships over time to help organisations grow and develop.  Alongside all the diverse issues that come with school link work, Dr Ashton has particular specialisms in neuropsychology and in Video Interaction Guidance, is a child neuropsychologist and spends part of her time doing rehabilitation work with children who have had brain injuries.  She teaches neuropsychology at Manchester University and University College London, and you will find Dr Ashton sharing her passion for the brain in all sorts of training and casework!  Dr Ashton is also qualified (Stage 2) in Video Interaction Guidance, which is a positive therapeutic approach to improving attuned interactions between people, and which fits into her regular school visiting patterns.

Dr Ashton’s Contribution to Orange Psychology

Dr Ashton currently works as an independent practitioner and has joined Orange Psychology as an Associate Psychologist. She offers psychologically informed advice and support to staff through training, consultation and intervention. The Orange Psychology Model suits Dr Ashton, who is a strong believer in psychological consultation, where we work together to understand the situation, agree do-able ways forward and review how things have gone.