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Psychology Services in the North West of England

Orange Psychology delivers educational psychology services in the north west of England, including Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Orange Psychology was founded in April 2016 and already has a number of schools and local authorities working with them. Dr Jo Mitchell has worked as an educational psychologist since 2004, and has used her experience in both local authority and private practice to establish the company values. Dr Jo Mitchell, Managing Director explains the model;

Orange Psychology is based upon what we know works in schools. It is a creative and energetic company who believe that consistency, flexibility and relationship are at the heart of effective practice.’

Orange Psychology offers psychology services to schools, consultancy and training. Working at a number of levels in schools and local authorities, Dr Mitchell explains why she chose ‘Orange’ as her brand;

‘Orange is a creative and energetic colour. We also know that eating oranges reduces stress! But the main reason for using orange is to do with allowing maximum flexibility to schools. When splitting an orange in half, you get to see the segments. Schools get to choose ‘segments’ of time according to their needs two terms at a time. We have found schools are responsive to this.’

Dr Mitchell explains that she is excited to see the company grow ‘maybe we will have a little orange tree by the end of the year’

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